In response to popular demand, we have a number of research-oriented office hours sessions coming up. (Most of these will include standard-setters as participants, who can weigh in on the topics, much as Kim Petrone, Financial Statement Presentation Project Manager, did for Bob Lipe’s recent presentation.)  The schedule is:

  • Wednesday, April 1, 11am ET: Christine Botosan (Univ of Utah) will lead a discussion about her recent research on segment reporting, with Susan McMahon and Marry Harris Stanford—with particular emphasis on the role of managerial discretion and standards that require preparers to disclose information that is consistent with management’s own views. Management view plays a significant role in the discussion paper on Financial Statement Presentation, so this session should be of interest to those interested in that project or in the larger role of managerial discretion.
  • Tuesday, April 7, 4pm ET: Christian Leuz (U. of Chicago) on International Convergence. Christian, along with Luzi Hail and Peter Wysocki, wrote a review article on convergence that was included as an attachments to the FASB’s recent comment letter on the SEC’s Roadmap proposal.
  • Wednesday, April 15, 11am ET: (UPDATE)  Ron Bossio, Senior Project Manager, and Kevin McBeth, Project Manager, from the Conceptual Framework Project Team, will discuss the status of the project.
  • Tuesday, April 21, 4pm ET: Haresh Sapra (U. of Chicago) will lead a discussion on what economic theory has to say about the pro-cyclical effects of fair value accounting. This topic caused a lot of debate at last week’s session (led by Leslie Hodder), so I expect that people will have a lot to say!
  • Wednesday, April 29th, 11am ET: Anup Srivastava (Northwestern) will be talking about discretion in revenue recognition. Anup has the most recent contribution to a growing literature suggesting that discretion in revenue recognition allows managers to provide more information to the market (rather than merely providing a way to distort information).

If you are interested in leading a discussion, or presenting your own work? Just let me know.  If you are wondering what it is like to lead a discussion in Second Life, take a look at Leslie Hodder’s reaction to leading last week’s session.