This week for office hours (Tue, May 19th, 4pm ET) I will be leading an open discussion about the uses of new media for accounting researchers. You may already know that a number of high-profile academics have blogs and websites, particularly in Econ and Law.  Some examples:

More generally, there is a ‘wiki’ website, AcademicBlogs on which anyone who wants to can list their own academic blog–and there are quite a lot across a variety of fields.

What role is there for an accounting website like FASRI?  How would such a site fit into the traditional publication process, and other websites such as now-familiar SSRN and the much newer AAA commons? What would it take for you to recommend that your junior colleagues and doctoral students read and even contribute to such a site?

Similarly, how valuable are real-time virtual meetings like FASB Office Hours?  How can this time be used most productively? Should we be broadening our mix of discussion leaders to include practitioners, researchers outside of accounting, politicians, or journalists?

Please join us as we plot the future of FASRI, and talk more generally about how the internet may shape the ways researchers establish their visibility, reputations and influence.