I have almost recovered from the AAA Doctoral Consortium.  This 4-day marathon gave some 90 or so doctoral students the chance to hear from over a dozen faculty on both research topics and on career advice from (in no particular order):

  • Jim Hunton
  • Chris Ittner
  • Greg Waymire
  • Bob Yetman
  • Linda Bamber
  • Hollis Ashbaugh-Skaife
  • Paul Healy
  • Jagan Krishnan
  • Don Moser
  • Karen Nelson
  • Vernon Richardson
  • Sonja Rego

We were joined by Deloitte’s chief lobbyist, Bill Ezzel (also a former President of the AICPA) who gave us a fascinating look at how the big 4 audit firms are dealing with the new regulatory environment.

Office hours this week, 11am ET on Wednesday, June 24, will be devoted to discussing some of the lessons learned.  If you are a junior faculty member or doctoral student, I am sure you will find it a helpful session.  If you are more senior, come provide your own perspective.  And if you attended the consortium, take the chance to cement your new relationships without having to endure another airport security line!

Details on getting to office hours are here, and you can teleport directly to the meeting by clicking this link.  (You need to have Second Life already installed).

P.S.  Consortium Participants:  Use the comment thread to let us know your favorite take-aways from the week!