Here’s my opinion about financial reporting research and this blog and second life. I really think it’s being underutilized. As Rob Bloomfield said, ideas are all over the place in these sessions. I have come away from them with 3 ideas so far (and I’ve had to miss a fair number of these sessions because of class conflicts). I really encourage you to get your colleagues/students to listen in.

One suggestion for PhD students.. I think that too many folks follow what the last guy did (in accounting research). One way to be a bold trendsetter is to think outside the box. Okay okay, we’re all accountants and don’t do that, by design (or not). Anyway, i’ve found these 1 hour second life sessions to be great ways to think outside the box as somebody (for example, a standard setter) comes in and says something that I did not know. Causes me to think of an interesting topic.

Tomorrow’s Fair Value discussion is a must for any financial reporting researcher. Lots of ideas. I hope to see you there. I’ll be there to tell you, if you are interested, to tell you about 2 working papers I have on the topic – one with Cathy Shakespeare and Karen Nelson — and one with Kathryn Kadous and Jane Thayer.