Researchers and Standard Setters At An Early Round Table Discussion

Researchers and Standard Setters At An Early Round Table Discussion (Photo Courtesy of

I am glad to announce a number of changes in our online meetings, starting with the name.

Name Change

What had been called “Office Hours” are now “Round Table Discussions”.  We feel the name better reflects the nature of the interaction, which blends many voices with differing points of view.  The name ‘office hours’ instead conveyed the notion that one person of authority was fielding questions from the crowd, which isn’t always the case.  We also think the name looks better on a CV.  After joining the ranks of those who have led a Round Table discussion (which puts you in very good company), we suggest adding this appearance to your list of presentations on your vitae.  For example, Anthony Hopwood’s might now read:

  • FASRI Round Table Discussion Leader, “Implications of the Economic Crisis for Accounting Research”, July 14, 2009, Financial Accounting Standards Board.

Note that the line indicates FASB as the ‘location’ of the event, since FASRI is support by FASB, and there will usually be FASB representatives attending.

On Line Participation

Another key change is that you can now participate in our Round Table Discussions via the web, at our LIVE page.  The page allows you to listen to the conversation taking place in Second Life, and see avatars or (when we use them) any slides or other graphics.  More importantly, you can participate in the text chat just by logging in with a name.  Once you log in, all of the chat in Second Life will be relayed to your web page, and any chat you type will be relayed to Second Life.  Keep in mind that you can’t actually talk out loud—if you want to join the discussion that way, you need to come into Second Life.


Also, for the first time, we are maintaining video archives of our sessions.  You can see the session with Anthony Hopwood by going to the LIVE page and following the instructions.  You will be able to see the chat as well, but make sure to watch full screen if you want to actually be able to read it.

We have a number of great Round Tables coming up, with discussions being led by Microsoft’s Bob Laux, securitization expert Cathy Shakespeare, and TAR Editor Steve Kachelmeier.  In these times of budget cuts and busy schedules, we are pleased to be able to offer these sessions without the cost and hassle of air travel and hotel stays.  Please encourage your colleagues to join us!