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On Wednesday, July 22nd, 11am ET, we will get a preparer’s perspective on the state and future of financial reporting standards from Bob Laux, Senior Director of Financial Accounting and Reporting at Microsoft.  Mr. Laux is responsible for Microsoft’s financial accounting, including  responding to GAAP questions and issues within Microsoft and representing Microsoft at standard setters’ public roundtables.

Prior to joining Microsoft in 2000, Bob was an Industry Fellow at the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) where he was responsible for coordinating the activities of the Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF).  Prior to joining the FASB, Bob spent eight years at General Motors managing their external financial reporting and interacting with and responding to accounting standard setters.

I asked Bob to tell me what standard-setting issues are at the top of his mind these days, and he responded with this list:

Well, he didn’t quite say ‘all of them’!   We have gotten researcher and standard-setter insights on all of these topics–to get some background, click on the appropriate category tag at the top or bottom of the post (they are at the top until you click “read the rest of this entry”, when they move to the bottom).  Definitely take a look at this post on the new Disclosure Framework the FASB and IASB are pursuing, which includes a comment by Bob, and a followup comment by Steve Sutton on some related research.

Keep in mind that the discussion will inevitably focus on the topics that interest YOU, so please show up and participate.  Remember that you can join us in Second Life (so you can actually talk) or listen on the web and participate in the text chat.