The FASB has approved an Editorial Assistant position for  This highly visible job provides an excellent opportunity for someone who likes writing and is interested in policy-oriented accounting research.   While the details of the position will be open to modification, based on the interests of the applicant and the changing needs of FASRI, key duties will typically include:

  • Moderation of comment threads, as needed and according to policies set by the Editorial Board;
  • Writing of frequent (usually short) blog posts on topics relevant to our readership, under the guidance of the FASRI Director and Editorial Board.  Typical posts of this nature might consistent of a brief summary with links to news item from the financial press, FASB, IASB, SEC, or other such relevant sources, and/or pointers to new research papers;
  • Posting of regular administrative items on the website, such as updating the Round Table calendar and posting Round Table announcements and archived videos when available;
  • Assisting authors with blog posting as needed.

Applicants should send a letter of application, CV/resume, and two sample blog posts (using past content and Why a Blog? as guides) to Robert Bloomfield [rjb9 (at) cornell (dot) edu], FASRI Director, who will forward recommendations from the Editorial Board to the FASRI Oversight committee for approval.  Applications should demonstrate an interest in current standard setting issues and research, an ability to identify relevant content, strong writing skills, and a knowledge of (or an ability to learn) how to post and edit website content.   The Editorial Assistant will receive a stipend of $500 per month, paid at the end of each quarter.  Contact Rob Bloomfield for more information.  We hope to fill the position as soon as possible, so we are not posting a deadline; please feel free to send a preliminary email if you plan to submit an application.