Steve Kachelemeier, Senior Editor of The Accounting Review, will join us on Wednesday, August 19th, at 11am ET.  As usual, Steve will take a few minutes to make his opening points, and then we will turn to Q&A.  Please come prepared with questions, and feel free to suggest some in the comment thread below.

To get you started, here is the Annual Report on TAR that Steve provided to the Editorial Board at the AAA meetings last week.  As far as I know, this document is not yet available elsewhere.  Here is the Introduction from the Annual Report:

The Publications Committee and Executive Committee of the American Accounting Association (AAA) have adopted a new format and content for the annual reports submitted by AAA journal editors. My understanding of the spirit of the changes is to provide AAA constituents with more accountability of journal activities and decisions. I applaud this intent, and am pleased to submit this first Annual Report for The Accounting Review under the new guidelines. Given that this is the first year of the new format, I am also taking the liberty of interjecting some editorial commentary to assist the reader in interpreting the new data. That said, some of my interpretations reflect opinions, and the reader is certainly free to consider alternative interpretations.

The new report is broadly classified into two major sections. Section II below provides qualitative commentary on the editorial process followed by The Accounting Review under the current regime. Section III then follows with the tabular data requested by the AAA Publications Committee, along with some supplemental data I have provided to clarify certain aspects of these tables.