We have a strong University of Texas presence at FASRI Round Tables (Lisa Koonce and Nick Seybert are UT faculty and regulars at FASRI; Jeffrey Hales, FASB research fellow, is a former faculty member at UT; and this week’s presentation is by the UT faculty trio of Dain Donelson, Ross Jennings, and John McInnis).  However, it now looks like their support may have just been a ruse for conducting reconnaissance for the entire University of Texas System, which is making a major push into Second Life.  This just in from the Linden Lab press room:  The University of Texas System is starting a year-long project to explore the use of virtual worlds for learning, and they are bringing their entire 16-campus system into Second Life.

From the press release:

The yearlong rollout involves all 16 University of Texas campuses and will be designed for extensive inter-campus, intra-campus, and out-of-state collaboration and will occupy over 50 Second Life regions. The UT System is a complex and multidisciplinary organization with 9 academic university campuses and 6 medical and health science research campuses. Each campus will be developing its own SL project plan according to its needs and priorities. Throughout the project, evidence-based research data will be collected and shared with the Second Life education community on best practices to offer to all educators—and other similar organizations—that are interested in holding classes and building campuses in Second Life.