Just in case anyone is interested, I just received the following announcement from the University of Michigan.  If you have Second Life installed, you can attend by clicking this link.

Today  .. Oct 2nd at Noon ET -  Join Perplexity Peccable for a most interesting and relevant discussion event ::: on how to use Second Life for learning continuity  and distance learning support or class meetings in the case of a pandemic, or of faculty/students not being able to attend class in real life because of illness. .   Today, we will have a meeting and conversation on this at Sea Turtle Lodge, open to the public.

Topics include:

  • Can this be done in a crisis if you haven’t used SL in the past?
  • What are minimum competencies and skills for new faculty/students to use SL for learning continuity?
  • Simple ideas for synchronous and asynchronous learning that can be implemented by new faculty?