The accounting department here at UT has an outside advisory council.  We had a semi-annual meeting last Friday.  We happened to be talking about the new FASB codification system.  One advisor mentioned that the consequence they have seen is companies now FORGOING any mention of any standard in their footnotes.  You know, we are used to seeing a footnote saying, for example, … “we use SFAS 123R to measure the expense associated with .. blah blah blah.”  Now they just avoid the issue of a codification cite (maybe b/c it’s new so they are still not used to it, but perhaps because a funny codification section is not exactly user friendly to anybody at this point…).    Sort of funny to me, b/c I’ve been putting off trying to relabel my various class notes using the codification too.  I think I may just take out all references to standards and then say NOTHING other than current gaap says…. such a simple change certainly changes human behavior if fairly large ways, eh?