Every wonder where to find SEC rules?

I’ve been doing financial reporting in the classroom for a long time (20 years).  I always am unsure where to find SEC rules.  Well, my confusion is not unwarranted. My colleague here at Texas, John Robinson, is doing a faculty fellowship there this term.  He just came back to talk to us about it here [...] Read more > >

Follow up to round table on Reg FD

We had a great discussion about Reg FD and foreign filers on Tuesday.  If you were not able to attend, I encourage you to view the archive.  When you do so, you will notice several text comments from me (Accounting Footman) that may at first seem very critical of the study.  I want to clarify [...] Read more > >

Finance Professors Won't Bet on Market Ineffienciency

Read this. Read more > >

Finance Professors Won’t Bet on Market Ineffienciency

Read this. Read more > >

IFRS Conversion Resources, and an Addition to the Blog Roll

Someone passed along an email indicating this blog post, titled Big Four Firms Provide Excellent Resources on IFRS Conversion.  Now, not only do I have a wealth of links to useful information, but I have a new addition to our blogroll:  The Big Four Blog, whose tag is “Big Four news, events, happenings and opinions [...] Read more > >

Economic slowdown and financial reporting complexity

I got an email alerting me to some recent PriceWaterhouseCoopers publications.  Their Transaction Services group appears to be writing a series of papers on Financial Reporting in a Troubled Economy.  One report in particular caught my eye – “How the Economic Slowdown Leads to Added Financial Reporting Complexities.”  An interesting quote is “While financial reporting [...] Read more > >

PCOAB Makes Itself Heard

Auditing, not financial reporting, but still worth a close look: PCAOB Announces Ambitious Agenda; May Be Time to ‘Dial Up’ on Fraud, Silvers Says Read more > >

Round Table Discussion on Regulation FD

On Tuesday, Oct 20th, 4 pm ET, we will be joined by Bin Ke (Penn State University).  Bin will be discussing his recent paper, entitled “Why do cross-listed firms voluntarily adopt Regulation Fair Disclosure?” The paper is co-authored with Michael Crawley and Yong Yu, both of whom are from the University of Texas at Austin. [...] Read more > >

Staying clean

Did you all see the article written by Jonathan Weil.  It’s entitled “Five people who stayed clean in Banking’s Bilge.”  He mentions Tom Linsmeier and Marc Siegel of the FASB.  It’s a good read .. check it out.. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601039&sid=asF03z299rGY Read more > >

Fair Value, the Financial Crisis, and Some Nice Distinctions By Laux and Leuz

Christian Leuz emailed me with a link to his recent paper with Christian Laux, entitled “Did Fair-Value Accounting Contribute to the Financial Crisis.”  He thought it might be of interest to our readership, and having spent some time with the paper this morning, he is right. In short, the paper’s answer is “no,”  which is [...] Read more > >