It isn’t too surprising that the FASRI blog has been quiet, and it surely will be for another week or so.  There will be some interesting changes and improvements to the site when you return from vacation (I’ll keep you in suspense for now).

But if you need your fix of accounting information and commentary, it is hard to do better than following up on FEI blogger Edith Orenstein’s holiday reading recommendations.  There is a lot of great stuff there — follow the link — but if you are looking for reading with a deadline, here is this paragraph from the blog:

For those of you interested in FASB updates, a new version of FASB’s Update was issued last week called FASB Update – Financial Statement User Edition. In addition, four proposed Accounting Standards Updates were released for comment by FASB last week, emanating from EITF consensuses, and each carries a comment deadline of Feb. 12, 2010: (1) Proposed ASU: Receivables (Topic 310): Effect of a Loan Modification When the Loan is Part of a Pool That is Accounted for as a Single Asset; (2) Proposed ASU: Financial Services – Insurance (Topic 944): Accounting for Costs Associated with Acquiring or Renewing Insurance Contracts; (3) Proposed ASU: Entertainment – Casinos (Topic 924): Casino Base Jackpot Liabilities; (4) Proposed ASU: Compensation – Stock Compensation (Topic 718): Effect of Denominating the Excercise Price of a Share-Based Payment Award in the Currency of the Market in Which the Underlying Equity Security Trades.