On Tuesday, Dec 15th, 4 pm ET, we will be joined by Paul Zarowin. Paul Zarowin is a professor at New York University and an Editor at The Accounting Review.

The topic of this session is earnings management, and Paul is going to provide us with a high level review of this literature and the current state of the art in earnings management research. We will then discuss what he sees as future directions for this literature.

Given the vast size of the earnings management literature, I am interested to hear Paul’s opinion, as an editor, on what it now takes to show incremental contribution in an earnings management study and to hear what he thinks are the big remaining questions in this area.

I should also note that this session will be the last round table of the fall semester, after which we will take a few weeks off for the winter break.

I hope you will join us on Tuesday, and remember that you can attend FASRI Round Table Discussions in Second Life (instructions here) or on the web at our LIVE page.

* UPDATE: You can watch the archived video of this discussion here.