On Tuesday, Jan 12th, 4 pm ET, we will be joined by Jim Leisenring. Jim is currently a member of the IASB, where he has been serving since 2001.

Given his prior role as a director and later a board member at the FASB, Jim arguably has more standard setting experience than just about any acting member of the IASB or FASB. He also has the distinction of being one of the few non-academic board members to have published in academic journals. As such, I think Jim is uniquely qualified to speak to an academic audience.

While I am sure that we’ll get many questions from the audience, we also hope to get Jim’s view on how standard setting has evolved over the years and to hit on a number of big picture topics, including international convergence, the conceptual framework and, of course, the role of academic research in standard setting.

I hope you will join us on Tuesday to hear Jim’s thoughts, and remember that you can attend Round Table Discussions in Second Life (instructions here) or on the web at our LIVE page.

* UPDATE: Click here to view the archived video of this Round Table discussion.