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If you weren’t there for yesterday’s roundtable with Aaron Beam & Weston Smith, I strongly urge you to view the archived copy of it.  I was fascinated by their rendition of the Health South fraud (both CFO’s there).  How many journal entries do you think it took each quarter to manage the books.  You’ll be SHOCKED at the answer.  (hint, over 100,000).

Richard Scrushy … the CEO of Health South.   His tactics with the Board of Directors were shocking!  Doesn’t everybody carry a gun in their briefcase?  (Okay maybe in Texas, yes, where I live .. and heck, where I live, you can even steal a plane and fly it into a local IRS office.)

Anybody who does earnings management, auditing, corporate governance, internal auditing, etc. research, you will want to watch the archived copy.  Very interesting.