Deferred taxes and banks – Questions

I was reading a report that said that certain bank’s tangible book values are supported by large deferred tax assets. It went on to say that banks avoided DTA writedowns at 2009 year-end based on incorporating several years of future profitability in their assessment. First question: how can this be the case that they can [...] Read more > >

Research Rankings by Topic and Methodology

Just this morning, a team of researchers went live with a website that ranks accounting programs’ research by topic and methodology. If you’ve ever wondered which accounting programs are the strongest in analytical methodology, based on published research in the past 6, 12, or 20 years by faculty currently in the program, this site can [...] Read more > >

The Quest for Simple Accounting Standards

During the FASRI Roundtable this week, Tom Selling sparked a discussion about the extent to which accounting standards are unnecessarily complex.  In response I posed the question whether it was possible to have simple accounting standards for underlying transactions that are complex.  As I continue to think about it, I think that this is a [...] Read more > >

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