Hi everyone,

Just last week, I signed up for another CPE session at AAA (recall that I previously posted about FASB/IASB update on Sunday and how you need to be there!!).

Anyway, I thought I was going to be goofing off on Saturday afternoon in San Francisco but then my goof-off plans fell through. So i looked for some CPE and lo and behold found one that looked quite interesting — CPE 15, Teaching IFRS (taught by notables).

This morning, i got a pdf of the slides. The presentations look to be really good! What I also concluded was that the title doesn’t quite convey the essence of much of what will be discussed. That is to say, this CPE session is about teaching financial reporting. It’s not that specific to IFRS, although there certainly are IFRS-specific issues. Indeed, much of the discussion is about fundamental concepts of financial reporting — how to think about financial reporting. I’m thrilled that I stumbled into this one. 90 dollars and 4 hours of my time — I’m going to be way ahead of anything I could learn on my own over a very very long time period!

So don’t think that you have to be teaching IFRS to find this CPE session of interest. I hope to see you there!