I just received an email about TESS:  Time-sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences.  Anyone who is running short experiments should take a look.  They offer access to the general US population (not just students); I am not sure whether it is possible to get access to managers or investors, but hopefully someone will take a look.  HEre is the text of the email:

I’m writing to bring to your attention a great resource for experimental economics. Time-sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (TESS) is an NSF-supported infrastructure project that enables scholars (including graduate students, post-docs, and faculty) to conduct original experiments on nationally representative samples at no cost to the investigator.

TESS proposals are peer-reviewed and successful projects that are fielded using a nationally-representative internet survey panel (Knowledge Networks). This platform offers the opportunity for surveys of the general United States population, as well as specific subpopulations that are often challenging for researchers to study.

The application process is simple, and the turn-around time is generally quite fast — and our expanded capabilities mean that scholars can now conduct more complicated experiments than in the past.

Jeremy Freese (Northwestern) and Penny Visser (University of Chicago) Principal Investigators, TESS