Effective transitioning to new accounting standards

The FASB and IASB have at least four major projects expected to result in new accounting standards sometime next year: Fair Value Measurement, Financial Instruments, Leases, and Revenue Recognition. The user community is understandably interested in the effects that these standards will have on earnings and other information reported in 10-Ks and 10-Qs.  Users know [...] Read more > >

Add Research in Accounting Regulation To Your Reading List

Are you familiar with Research in Accounting Regulation, an Elsevier Journal?  Editor-in-Chief Gary Previts and Manuscript Editor Stephen Moehrle have put together an issue worth looking at.  The lead article by Holhbeck and Warfield analyzes the attributes of recent accounting standards, and Greg Jonas, along with Stephen Moehrle and Jennifer Reynolds-Moehrle summarize academic research published [...] Read more > >

How to Read and Write

Twin goals of FASRI are helping researchers to understand standard setters and to communicate complex research findings in a way the standard setters can understand.  Part of the challenge is knowing how to read and write.  Here is a bit of advice on each one. How to Read. There is an old Jewish saying: According [...] Read more > >

Who knows?

A colleague of mine and I are not on the same page as to what happens in the following case — who can help us? BONDS callable by the holders … a call window is coming up in the next year. Interest rates are down so unlikely to be put back to the company by [...] Read more > >

Fair Value and Feedback Effects: Roundtable with Rich Frankel

UPDATE:  AUDIO FOR THE SESSION IS HERE. Our next FASRI roundtable is scheduled for 4pm-5pm ET Wednesday, November 17th.  Richard Frankel (Washington University) will be joining us to talk about his recent paper, Panacea, Pandora’s Box, or Placebo: Feedback in Bank Mortgage-based Security Holdings and Fair Value Accounting.  The paper continues several themes that FASRI [...] Read more > >

Additional political economy research

I really enjoyed the Political Economy roundtable last week hosted by Jeremy Bertomeu and Bob Magee (audio is available if you missed the session).  I am unsure if I understand all of the moving parts in the analytic model, but many of the parts make intuitive sense.  The insight that popular opinion about the quality [...] Read more > >

“Scoping out” a conceptual framework

Over the course of my career, I have to admit that I’ve paid little attention to the scope paragrahs of financial accounting standards. Lately, I’ve been thinking that this might be the best place to look for a conceptual framework. In other words, how broad a (principles-based) framework would we need to alleviate the need for [...] Read more > >

A goodwill teaching moment…

For anyone who teaches M&A material in their classes, this is a great article just written by Jonathan Weil. Bank of American paid a lot for Countrywide. There was a massive amount of goodwill in that transaction. However, while everything else is in the dumps, the goodwill still lingers in an untouched state. Wow, this [...] Read more > >

Audio on Political Economy Discussion

The audio recording of our discussion on the political economy of standard setting is available here.  At the end, I emphasized that there are some opportunities for empirical work, and the benefit of theory is to provide a framework for knowing what data to collect and how to interpret it. To see the possibilities, take [...] Read more > >

SEC Issues its First Progress Report on the IFRS Work Plan

As announced on Oct 29, 2010, the SEC released its first progress report on the Work Plan which will lead up to the Commission’s decision in 2011 on whether and how to incorporate IFRS into the US financial reporting system. Much of the progress report is dedicated to explaining what the SEC staff is doing [...] Read more > >