The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is pleased to announce that Lynn Rees, Andersen Professor of Accounting in the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, has accepted the FASB 2011-2012 Research Fellowship, which will begin in July.


Each year, the FASB selects a member of the academic community to serve as a research fellow.  The Research Fellowship Program began in 2007 and is a 13-month, in-residence position at the FASB in Norwalk, CT.  Unlike some other fellowship programs, the intent of the Research Fellowship Program at the FASB is to bring in an academic researcher to act as a researcher (as opposed to acting primarily in the capacity of a standard setter or regulator).  The Research Fellow’s charge includes the following:

  • Consulting with project teams to identify existing (published and incipient) research that is relevant to the issue at hand;
  • Summarizing and communicating, in non-academic language, papers that come to the attention of Board and Staff or that the Fellow identifies;
  • Conducting or commissioning new research to provide empirical evidence about assertions made by the FASB or its constituents

More Information

For more information about the Research Fellowship Program, including applying to be a research fellow at the FASB, contact Phil Shane at or 203-956-5317.