Unit of account continued…

I’ll be regularly blogging on unit of account / disaggregation / net vs. gross etc. Recall a prior post where I mentioned how my head spins when I think of these concepts that are not clearly defined. Perhaps through this blog, we can make some headway on keeping these concepts distinct. Today’s blog will be [...] Read more > >

Critique of potential IFRS monopoly

I just read an insightful, if not provocative, paper on the shortcomings of a potential IFRS monopoly. The paper entitled, “IFRS Monopoly: The Pied Piper of Financial Reporting,” is written by Shyam Sunder of Yale University, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to form a balanced opinion about whether the US should adopt [...] Read more > >

Roundtable Bleg

According to Bloglossary, To bleg is to write a blog entry or comment for the sole purpose of asking for something. Today, I am asking for input on what roundtable speakers you would like to see over the coming academic year.  As I indicated in Reimagining FASRI, we will be planning roundtables to serve three [...] Read more > >

Structured finance and the if-converted EPS dilution computation

This post starts with class materials, but ends with some questions for researchers.  As I was writing my EPS case for Intermediate II this spring, I ran into a kind of strange problem.  I picked 4 or 5 companies with convertible debt and fairly sizable dilution effects.  I then went to their EPS footnote to [...] Read more > >

Reimagining FASRI

The last couple of weeks have been busy ones behind the scenes at FASRI.  Last week, Phil Shane (current research fellow), Lynn Rees (incoming research fellow) and I met with the FASRI Steering Committee (FASB Board Member Tom Linsmeier, FASB Senior Advisor Jim Leisenring, Research Director Ron Lott, and Technical Director Susan Cosper).  Yesterday, the [...] Read more > >

What does $180 buy you?

The answer is: A LOT! For $180, you can attend two half day sessions on Sunday at the AAA in Denver digesting all of the latest scoop on revenue recognition, leasing, pensions, and other big ticket items. Tom Linsmeier from the FASB and Pat McConnell of the IASB lead this session, giving you both US [...] Read more > >