The last couple of weeks have been busy ones behind the scenes at FASRI.  Last week, Phil Shane (current research fellow), Lynn Rees (incoming research fellow) and I met with the FASRI Steering Committee (FASB Board Member Tom Linsmeier, FASB Senior Advisor Jim Leisenring, Research Director Ron Lott, and Technical Director Susan Cosper).  Yesterday, the FASRI Editorial Board Members joined all of us for a second meeting (Jeffrey Hales, Lisa Koonce, Robert Lipe, Cathy Shakespeare, Jeff Wilks).

The outcome of the meetings is a re-energized FASRI with a slightly different focus, and a plan for building a stronger partnership between the academic community and those who are most actively involved with standard setting deliberations.

Our new mission emphasizes three objectives.  Our primary objective is to provide input from the academic community to the FASB on standard setting issues.  We pursue that objective through two supporting objectives:  informing the academic community about ongoing deliberations and research advances (updates), and growing the FASRI community by providing content that will help our academic colleagues succeed in the challenging career they have chosen (outreach).

Over the coming weeks you will see these changes reflected in the pages at the top of our website, and in the content of our blog posts.  We will be announcing our schedule of roundtables shortly as well.

Check back frequently, as we hope to have new posts on the site almost every day.  And if you are interested in getting involved, just send me an email.