According to Bloglossary,

To bleg is to write a blog entry or comment for the sole purpose of asking for something.

Today, I am asking for input on what roundtable speakers you would like to see over the coming academic year.  As I indicated in Reimagining FASRI, we will be planning roundtables to serve three objectives:  bringing academic research to standard setters (input), informing academics about the state of deliberations and related research (updates), and growing our community by scheduling events of general interest to academics (outreach).

Please comment below (or just email me) with your suggestions.  At our meeting last week, FASB expressed particular interest in getting input on four issues:

  • The Disclosure Framework
  • The measurement chapter of the Conceptual Framework
  • Other Comprehensive Income (and income recycling)
  • Post-Employment Benefits (pensions)

Which researchers do you think the Staff and Board should hear from?

For outreach, I imagine many of you would like to hear about deliberations on the many standards likely to be issued soon (revenue recognition, leasing, financial instruments, etc.).  You might also want to hear the perspectives of preparers, auditors, and other participants in the financial reporting process.

For service, many young academics might like to hear advice on navigating the publication process from some journal editors, or advice on balancing teaching and research by some established scholars and top teachers.

When you make your suggestions, let me encourage you to be ambitious.  For example, I’d love to hear views on the proposed leasing standards from the CEO or CFO of Boeing or Walgreen’s–and the Chairmen of the Big 4 audit firms.  How about hearing from Paul Krugman or Larry Summers on the impact of academic research on policy?

Ask your colleagues, and pass along your suggestions!