At the upcoming American Accounting Association 2011 Annual Meetings, I have organized a panel session in which Bob Herz, Mary Barth, Jim Leisenring, and Tom Linsmeier will respond to questions and give guidance on what they think researchers can do to provide more useful input to financial reporting standard setters. The panel is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 8, from 2:00-3:30 p.m., and I hope you will find the topic interesting and useful.

I am just starting to think about some of the questions I would want to ask these awesome panelists (all of them either current or former members of the FASB or IASB), and I would love to invite others to chime in with questions they would like to ask. Have you ever wondered how much standard setters actually rely on research when formulating new standards? Have you ever wondered what research standard setters have found most helpful in their work? Have you ever wondered what research has been least helpful? What would you love to know from these panelists about what they wish researchers knew (better)?

I invite you to post your questions here, and I will do my best to include them among the questions asked during the panel session. If you would like me to ask your question anonymously, you can email me directly and I will not mention your name when asking the question. I look forward to reading your questions and seeing you at the AAA meetings.