As the financial instrument project moves ahead, the timeline shows a final accounting standards update is to be issued in the fourth quarter, many may think there are not really many changes from the old SFAS 115. The current proposal will still have financial assets measured at amortized cost and at fair value with unrealized changes going through net income or through other comprehensive income seems to sound really like held to maturity, available for sale and trading. However, the big changes will be in the information that must be disclosed about these assets. In particular, the face of the balance sheet will show both fair value and amortized costs, with financial assets measured at amortized cost showing fair value parenthetically and financial assets measured at fair value showing amortized cost parenthetically. Furthermore, financial assets measured at fair value must separately present current-period interest income, current-period credit losses, and realized gains. You should not forget the recent changes to the Statement of Comprehensive Income. This additional information should provide valuable for users and is an interesting compromise between the fair value and amortized historical costs proponents.