The FASRI Round Table series continues at 4pm Eastern time on Tuesday, August 30. Rob Bloomfield and Lynn Rees will moderate the session, and our guest speaker is Russell Golden, a FASB Board Member.  Russell was appointed to the board last October, and has been affiliated with the FASB serving in various positions since 2004.  Prior to joining the FASB, he was a partner at Deloitte & Touche. 

Russell will bring a unique perspective to his discussion topic of “Challenges and Opportunities of International Convergence.”  Obviously, this is a topic of high interest as the deadline approaches for the SEC to make a decision on whether to accept IFRS for domestic issuers.  The session will include a 15-20 minute presentation by Russell, and 40-45 minutes of Q&A.

The week immediately following Russell’s presentation (Sep 6th), Joachim Gassen will lead a discussion on academic research related to international convergence.  Joachim is a faculty member at Humbolt University of Berlin and has several papers on IFRS. 

Together, the sessions with Russell and Joachim are meant to address the primary contemporary issues related to convergence, and promise to assist you with your teaching and research.  We hope you will put these events on your calendars and join us for the discussions. 


FASRI Round Tables are conducted using WebEx. To participate, go to anytime after 10:00 am (New York time) on Tuesday, August 30th.  Then: click on “attend a meeting”; enter the meeting number 768-752-162; fill in your name, email address and the meeting password, Fasri001 (case sensitive); click on “join”; and decide whether you want to use your computer or a telephone for audio and speaking.

If you choose to use your computer, click on “use computer for audio” and then click on “call using computer”.  Now you should be in the meeting and can use your computer speakers and microphone to participate. Please remember to mute your mic when you’re not speaking.

If you choose to use a telephone, click on “Enter a phone number” and enter your phone number.  You will get a phone call.  Press one on your phone keypad when prompted. Now you should be in the meeting and can use your phone to hear and speak.

If you receive an error message or need help at any time, contact me at 203-956-3472.

Hope to see you there!