The FARS midyear meeting starts tomorrow.  Some blog readers are probably at the airport or in the air as I type.  The preliminary program is available here.  Looks like standard setting issues will once again be prominent at the meeting.  The plenary session Friday afternoon is titled “Current Topics in Standard Setting”, with panelists Jim Leisenring and Tom Linsmeier of the FASB, with John Hepp of Grant Thornton moderating.  A Friday afternoon concurrent session (1.4) on regulation touches on issues discussed in FASRI blogs or roundtables.

Session 2.3 on Saturday morning looks at disclosure issues, a frequent topic on the blog (I would have mentioned this session even if some of my colleagues were not presenting).  Session 2.5 delves into fair value measurement in financial reporting, and session 2.6 considers international accounting.  The later morning time slot on Saturday includes session 3.1 on accounting measurement for banks.  One paper touches on the other than temporary impairment issue (OTTI) that was the focus of a spirited congressional hearing involving Bob Herz.  Corporate responsibility is the focus of Session 3.6.

After lunch, session 4.2 looks at disclosure in more detail.  Session 4.3 has papers looking at fair value measurements and R&D accounting policy.  Session 5.4 is titled attributes of earnings; one paper looks at comparability of accounting rates of return under historical cost accounting, a subject that came up several times at the FASB/IASB December conference.

Note that my list is not meant to exhaustive – other papers in other sessions probably touch on issues standard setters would like to know.  Nor is it my intention to endorse these sessions to the exclusion of others.  My goal instead is to observe that the conference is providing a venue to researchers to share ideas and information about policy related issues.  I myself will not be able to attend this year.  But I hope those who do attend will have a wonderful and productive time.