In case you missed the press release yesterday and the FASRI Roundtables a couple weeks ago, the Financial Accounting Foundation is beginning post-implementation reviews on two standards; SFAS 141R on Business Combinations, and SFAS 131 on Segment Disclosures.  The FAF issued its inaugural post-implementation review report a few weeks ago on FIN 48.  The report was generally positive with respect to how the standard is accomplishing its original intent.  After that inaugural experience, the FAF believes they have ironed out the process and will now focus on two standards simultaneously. 

As part of the post-implementation review, the FAF conducts an extensive survey of academic research that relates to the topic.  Jennifer Blouin and Leslie Robinson conducted the survey for FIN 48, and the FAF is in the midst of contracting with individuals to do the same thing for the new topics.  This is another example where academic research can inform standard setters.