On July 24, FASRI will host a Roundtable on the latest developments for the FASB/IASB joint project on leases.  Leasing is a significant source of financing in the economy, but the current capital/operating lease accounting treatment has long been criticized as not meeting the needs of financial statement users and resulting in non-GAAP adjustments by users to more faithfully represent the underlying economics of leasing transactions.

In the Roundtable, members of the Leases project team at the FASB will discuss the status of the project, including recent decisions reached by the Boards last month.  They will also leave time for Q&A.  If you teach leases or have research interests in this area, this Roundtable will provide valuable information.

The Roundtable is scheduled at 4pm eastern time on Tuesday, July 24.

To participate in the Roundtable, please follow these instructions.

1) Go to http://intercall.webex.com anytime after 3:30 pm (New York time) on July 24.

2) Type in the following meeting number: 596-430-983 and click “Join Now”.

3) On the next page, fill in your name, email address, and the password “Fasri001” (case sensitive). Then click “Join”.

4) After joining the meeting, you will be prompted for your telephone number. Insert your telephone number and click the “Call Me” button. Your phone will ring, which you can use to hear and speak. Please remember to put yourself on mute when you are not speaking (can be done by clicking the mic next to your name).

5) If you experience trouble with the call-back feature, you can dial in yourself using the following numbers: 866-478-6348 or 224-554-0243.