Some thoughts about the "income statement view," performance management, and speculation in accounting

One of the points that Stephen made early in his remarks was that while the objectives of financial reporting were fairly non-controversial, they didn’t give one any traction in deciding what sort of accounting we should have. As I listened to the rest of his remarks, I found myself having a similar sentiment about the [...] Read more > >

How True or Fair is "True and Fair"?

One of the topics that came up in last week’s Round Table on Alternative Conceptual Frameworks was a discussion of the true and fair override. It came up when we were talking about one difference between US GAAP and IFRS being that Read more > >

Is Accounting's Conceptual Framework Unique?

During today’s Round Table Discussion, an issue arose as to why (some, many?) accountants feel the need for a conceptual framework.  One contributor noted that Basu and Waymire have a paper that observes other business disciplines (e.g., marketing) do not appear to have conceptual frameworks.  Why accounting? Read more > >