Aaron Beam & Weston Smith

If you weren’t there for yesterday’s roundtable with Aaron Beam & Weston Smith, I strongly urge you to view the archived copy of it.  I was fascinated by their rendition of the Health South fraud (both CFO’s there).  How many journal entries do you think it took each quarter to manage the books.  You’ll be [...] Read more > >

Interesting Frontline on derivatives

A recent FrontLine episode, called “The Warning”, was about Brooksley Born, who was director of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for some years during the Clinton administration.  The show made a strong case that she tried very hard to warn the financial world up through 1998 that OTC derivatives were a very big risk.  Alan [...] Read more > >

A new issue of the FASB Update

In the regular issue of the FASB Action Alert (February 11) that comes into my inbox, there was a link to a document called “FASB Update, Financial Statement User Edition.”  I haven’t seen this particular form of the FASB Update before; perhaps I’m just not aware of this series.  Here’s the link.  It provides a [...] Read more > >

Fix It: Roundtable with HealthSouth’s Former CFO, Aaron Beam

If HRC’s actual results fell short of expectations, Scrushy would tell HRC’s management to “fix it” by recording false earnings on HRC’s accounting records to make up the shortfall. – SEC vs. HealthSouth Corporation[HRC] You look back and think, ‘What was I thinking? Why didn’t I just do the right thing?’ But when you’re caught [...] Read more > >

Internal control – time for a study

I don’t know what kind of study it might be, but seems like big versus small firms and internal control testing might rise again as an issue.  Did you hear about the recent fraud at the headphone company.  It was in CFO.com.  Let me give you a brief cut from the article. Fraud Case Casts [...] Read more > >

No RoundTable Today

Due to some very busy schedules, there won’t be any roundtable discussion today.  But look for some announcements soon for upcoming events. Read more > >

Opportunties for research on climate change?

Wow, i just learned the following.  Did not know this … From:  Comment from Michael A. Moran and Abby Joseph Cohen, Goldman Sachs: Global Markets Institute – Accounting Policy Update: SEC takes action on climate change disclosures On January 27, 2010 the SEC approved, by a 3-2 vote, new interpretative guidance on existing disclosure requirements [...] Read more > >

Measuring onerous contracts under IAS 37 and the proposed revenue recognition model

I was excited this past week to read that the IASB recently published a second exposure draft on a portion of IAS 37 Provisions, Contingent Liabilities, and Contingent Assets. I know, excitement might be too strong of a word, but I was looking forward to seeing whether the IASB’s decision on how to measure onerous [...] Read more > >

More on Jim Leisenring’s session

I was thinking about Jim’s comments about research helping standard setters.  A long time ago there was some debate on the ability of archival researchers to do ex ante research … some back and forth on that point.  I’m not an archival person so I don’t think about whether they can do ex ante or not, and [...] Read more > >

Politicization of Accounting Standards

Prof. David Albrecht has an extended post on The Summa arguing for the politicization of accounting standards: It is the responsibility of a country’s government to adjudicate between competing economic interests in the selection of accounting standards. This is what government does.  For example, governments are good at levying and collecting taxes, which has been [...] Read more > >