FASB Securitization Update

Need to know about new securitization rules for your classes this fall?  Have no fear!  Check out this webcast being offered by the FASB, which promises to be an excellent chance to catch up on the new rules related to securitization: Read more > >

What did people say about the proposed revenue recognition model?

The comment letter deadline for the IASB/FASB discussion paper on revenue recognition was June 19, 2009. The staff recently presented a high-level summary of the 200+ comment letters received by the boards. Given my recent posts (July 30 and Aug. 11) on the AAA FASC’s comment letter, I thought it might be useful to consider [...] Read more > >

What Makes for a Good Disclosure? Not a Bunch of Citations and Jargon

As reported in the FEI Financial Reporting Blog, a CFO.com article by David McCann captured some recent remarks made by Wayne Carnall, the SEC Division of Corp. Fin. Chief Accountant.  In response to questions about whether firms would have to amend existing filings to make specific references from the legacy body of GAAP literature consistent [...] Read more > >

Have you read …

Has anyone read MYTH OF THE RATIONAL MAN?  This is written by Justin Fox (time reporter and previously Fortune, i believe).  It was recommended to me.. has anyone read it? Read more > >

Mad Lib Earnings!

I just saw this over the weekend in Fortune (see link right here).  Quite funny on how companies report their earnings and how the press reports on them. Is this a testable idea? Probably – the congruence between co. reports and the press reports. Read more > >

Thinking about Alternative Conceptual Frameworks

The AAA’s Financial Accounting Standards Committee recently put together a proposal for an alternative conceptual framework. Conceptual frameworks (CF), by their nature, deal with such fundamental and far-reaching concepts that these types of intellectual ventures are bound to generate disagreement. This proposal is no exception, as evidenced by the dissenting opinions, and is not only [...] Read more > >

History matters … hunh?

At the last round table session, we were discussing something and a comment came up about “history matters….” I was thinking that I should clarify where that comment comes from .. give an example. Just a couple of years ago, I had no idea what that phrase meant. Here goes … Should the accounting differ [...] Read more > >

Securitization Yields a Big Turnout, Engaging Discussion, and Lingering Questions

Securitization certainly seem to be a hot topic!  We had a big turnout for yesterday’s Round Table Discussion, with over 20 people coming in-world for the discussion and even more than that streaming the event live from the web.  I think people were hoping to hear lots of informative and stimulating discussion and, if they [...] Read more > >

Securitization RoundTable

Don’t forget that Tuesday, July 28th, 4pm ET Cathy Shakespeare will be joining us to lead a RoundTable discussion on securitization.  We will also be joined by Akwasi Ampofo, project manager for the Joint Project of the FASB and IASB called “Financial Instruments:  Improvements to Recognition and Measurement.” You can join us in Second Life [...] Read more > >

Securitization, Complexity and Transparency

The blogosphere is ablaze with reactions to an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about Securitization.  In light of the upcoming roundtable on securitization with Cathy Shakespeare next Tuesday, I thought I would point people toward one of the more interesting perspectives, on the legal blog The Volokh Conspiracy, and related articles on whether financial [...] Read more > >