Good stuff for your students

I got this fasb email today (see below). Just listened to it, it’s perfect perfect stuff for your classes – intermediate probably, when you cover the statement of cash flows. Very understandable, very short (20 minutes). Wow, really nice. Heads up for you. Lisa The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards [...] Read more > >

Tidbits from the Frank-Dodd Act

I’ve finally taken the chance to read sections of the Frank-Dodd Act, rather than journalist’s reports and opinions about the Frank-Dodd Act. (Incidentally, if the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was referred to as SOX, what will the Frank-Dodd act be referred to as? FD, FDA, or perhaps Frodd?) I’ve found a number of interesting tidbits that I [...] Read more > >

Convergence Confusion

So the new ideas on discontinued operations being close to re-exposure by the FASB… with the goal of convergence. I’m reading the minutes on the website. The trend is toward “bigger” for discontinued operations which seems less than useful to most decision makers, I would think. Clearly small things to be discontinued should not be [...] Read more > >

Got a Short Experiment You Want To Run?

I just received an email about TESS:  Time-sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences.  Anyone who is running short experiments should take a look.  They offer access to the general US population (not just students); I am not sure whether it is possible to get access to managers or investors, but hopefully someone will take a [...] Read more > >

I have an opinion on “subsequent events” !!

Okay, this is supposed to be a blog. I have an opinion on SFAS 165 on subsequent events, transplanted from the auditing domain. But deep down in the opinion is a question… So the new standard (my read) indicates that if information comes to the plate regarding an “event” that existed at the balance sheet [...] Read more > >

Antidote for first week blues

The first week of classes is often so hectic that harried faculty cannot see many positives from the experience.  I am teaching our introductory PhD seminar, and I find that my attitude is a bit more positive than usual after week one, mainly because of the papers we cover the first week.  This post offers [...] Read more > >

Bob Herz to Retire!

In an surprise announcement, the FAF announced today that FASB chairman, Robert Herz, will retire two years ahead of the end of his term.   FASB board member Leslie Seidman will serve as acting chairman from Oct. 1. A WSJ article reports that “[FAF President Jack] Brennan said in an interview that the decision to step [...] Read more > >

Factor me in!

okay so this is supposed to be a blog, not a Q&A, but i’m in a quandry. I have always thought, based on a former MBA student Danielle De-Martino, who worked for a company that did factoring .. that most of the time this was done merely to outsource the credit & collection function. However, [...] Read more > >

Scientific misconduct

A Harvard U evoluntary psychology recently was accused of fabricating data… bad situation of course. One of The University of Texas psychology faculty members wrote about this event; he’s quite smart. He and I overlapped at the University of Illinois in the 1980′s – he in psychology and me, down the street in “commerce.” We [...] Read more > >

Increasing Activity Around Sustainability Reporting?

In recent months, it seems I’m seeing an increasing frequency of references to “sustainability reporting,” “integrated reporting,” “triple bottom line,” and other monikers.  In Edith Orenstein’s FEI Financial Reporting Blog this morning, guest author Tom Hood from the Maryland Association of CPAs includes news of the creation of the International Integrated Reporting Committee.  They’ve got a [...] Read more > >