Revenue Recognition Constraints and Earnings Informativeness

Anup Srivastava (Northwestern) presented a research paper at today’s FASRI Office Hours. In this post, I briefly recap the takeaways from the paper and some of the questions that were asked by participants in today’s office hours. Read more > >

Is Objectivity Overemphasized in Accounting Research? (Or is it only a question of by how much?)

My guess is that most doctoral students in accounting are still being taught the same history I have been:  In the beginning, accounting research was shapeless and without form.  Wait, I meant normative and qualitative.  Then, with the publication of Ball and Brown’s 1968 paper, the literature has taken a sharp turn toward positivism (drawing [...] Read more > >

Lowering the Cost of Policy-Relevant Research (and Research Summaries)

You know that comprehensive be-all-and-end-all literature review you always wanted to write on fair value accounting (or revenue recognition or principles-based accounting standards, etc.)?  You’ve put it off because it was simply too much work for too little benefit to your research program and reputation.  Well, FASRI is here to encourage you to do just [...] Read more > >

Accounting Standards and Implementation Guidance

Should standard setters care about potential judgment biases introduced by implementation guidance? I was recently reading through a paper by Shana Clor-Proell and Mark Nelson (Journal of Accounting Research, Vol. 45, Iss. 4, September 2006) entitled, “Accounting Standards, Implementation Guidance, and Example-Based Reasoning.”  In this paper, Shana and Mark examine how the type of example [...] Read more > >