The Definition and Measurement of Liabilities

In class yesterday, I stumbled upon an interesting apparent inconsistency between accounting for pensions and the accounting for compensated employee absences, which I had taught several weeks ago. When teaching my students about accruing for vacation pay, I observed that it seemed that if we knew for certain that employees were likely to get a [...] Read more > >

Fix It (Part II): Self-referential irony department

Those of you who view this site on Internet Explorer are probably finding the posts largely unreadable.  I am hoping to get this fixed in the next day or so.  If you have access to Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or another browser, you should be able to see the site. Sorry! Read more > >

Tribalism in Science

You are probably aware that someone has (apparently illegally) published email correspondence involving climate scientists at the University of East Anglia.  This prompts me to think of writing two posts.  Later on, if I get the courage, I will write a post about how we deal with messy data — the emails discussing the matter [...] Read more > >

2009 FASB-IASB Financial Reporting Issues Conference

For most of this decade, the Financial Reporting Issues Conference has been my favorite accounting event of the year.  Taking a Bayesian perspective, I also view it as the most informative:  every year, what I learn changes my beliefs more than any other conference. I will be writing some posts about the substance of the [...] Read more > >

Behavioral and Experimental Finance

I was asked to write two chapters for a Wiley book called Behavioral Finance, and for some reason I said yes.  Neither chapter is a typical review paper.  Behavioral vs. Traditional Finance will be Chapter 2 of the book, and sets the stage by viewing the conflict between the subfields in light of the philosophy [...] Read more > >

H1N1, Universities and Virtual Worlds

Just in case anyone is interested, I just received the following announcement from the University of Michigan.  If you have Second Life installed, you can attend by clicking this link. Today  .. Oct 2nd at Noon ET -  Join Perplexity Peccable for a most interesting and relevant discussion event ::: on how to use Second [...] Read more > >

JAE Conference Readings: PhD in a Box

This weekend is the JAE conference.  Even if you weren’t invited, you can download the papers from the conference website.   These will undoubtedly be highly cited papers, and form the basis for PhD seminars comprehensive exams for years to come…but they are LONG! I am printing them out as I write this.  The six papers [...] Read more > >

University of Texas in Second Life

We have a strong University of Texas presence at FASRI Round Tables (Lisa Koonce and Nick Seybert are UT faculty and regulars at FASRI; Jeffrey Hales, FASB research fellow, is a former faculty member at UT; and this week’s presentation is by the UT faculty trio of Dain Donelson, Ross Jennings, and John McInnis).  However, [...] Read more > >

Job Opening: FASRI Editorial Assistant

The FASB has approved an Editorial Assistant position for  This highly visible job provides an excellent opportunity for someone who likes writing and is interested in policy-oriented accounting research.   While the details of the position will be open to modification, based on the interests of the applicant and the changing needs of FASRI, key [...] Read more > >

Bring Us Your Tired, Your Poor….Doctoral Students and Faculty

These are tough times for academic departments around the world.  Hiring is down, budgets are tight, many faculty are already teaching overloads, and workshop series and PhD seminars are often the first to come under the Dean’s scrutiny when looking for places to trim costs. So as the FASRI Editorial Board prepares for the AAA [...] Read more > >