Securitization Yields a Big Turnout, Engaging Discussion, and Lingering Questions

Securitization certainly seem to be a hot topic!  We had a big turnout for yesterday’s Round Table Discussion, with over 20 people coming in-world for the discussion and even more than that streaming the event live from the web.  I think people were hoping to hear lots of informative and stimulating discussion and, if they [...] Read more > >

Bob Laux of Microsoft on Revenue Recognition, Comment letters, Fair Value…and General Motors

We had an excellent discussion today with Bob Laux of Microsoft. Whether you are looking for research topics or good stories for your students–financial or managerial–you will find this a very interesting discussion. You can now watch the archive live by going here, waiting through a 15 second commercial, and then clicking the “on demand” [...] Read more > >

Reminder: Round Table Discussion with Bob Laux, Microsoft

As previously announced, we will be having our first Round Table Discussion hosted by a preparer this week when Bob Laux (Microsoft) joins us on Wednesday at 11 am ET.  Given Bob’s wide-ranging interests and expertise, Wednesday’s discussion promises to be engaging and informative! As if there weren’t already enough to discuss given Bob’s tentative [...] Read more > >

Round Table Discussion with Bob Laux, Microsoft

Details on participation are here. On Wednesday, July 22nd, 11am ET, we will get a preparer’s perspective on the state and future of financial reporting standards from Bob Laux, Senior Director of Financial Accounting and Reporting at Microsoft.  Mr. Laux is responsible for Microsoft’s financial accounting, including  responding to GAAP questions and issues within Microsoft [...] Read more > >

Introducing the FASRI Round Table Discussion Series (aka Office Hours 2.0)

I am glad to announce a number of changes in our online meetings, starting with the name. Name Change What had been called “Office Hours” are now “Round Table Discussions”.  We feel the name better reflects the nature of the interaction, which blends many voices with differing points of view.  The name ‘office hours’ instead [...] Read more > >

Upcoming Conversations: Microsoft’s Bob Laux and U of M’s Cathy Shakespeare

We just confirmed a couple of great sessions for office hours: Next week we get a preparer’s perspective on standard setting, from Bob Laux, Senior Director of Financial Accounting and Reporting at Microsoft.  Wednesday, July 22, 11am ET. The following week, Cathy Shakespeare leads a discussion on research opportunities in securitization–but first, she will help [...] Read more > >

Office Hours: AAA Doctoral Consortium Wrap-Up

I have almost recovered from the AAA Doctoral Consortium.  This 4-day marathon gave some 90 or so doctoral students the chance to hear from over a dozen faculty on both research topics and on career advice from (in no particular order): Read more > >

Brainstorming Session on Fair Value Research

In our next session of office hours (Tue, June 16th, 4pm ET), we will have our second brainstorming session. For those of you who couldn’t make the first brainstorming session, Bob Lipe led us in a discussion of research ideas related to leasing.  As in any good brainstorming session, Read more > >

Brainstorming Research Ideas Related to Leasing

This week, office hours (Tue, June 2nd, 4pm ET) will consist of something a bit different.  In particular, I want to see if we can have an interactive session involving bouncing research ideas off of each other.  This is one of the types of sessions that we discussed during May 19th office hours. How can [...] Read more > >

Office Hours: FAS 5 Revisited, Contingent Loss Disclosures, and Related Topics

On Wednesday, 11am ET, FASB Fellow David Elsbree will be joining us to talk about a few of the projects he is overseeing. Details about office hours are here.  One likely to be of interest to many of you is the Disclosure of Certain Loss Contingencies.  My initial objection to the project is the title, [...] Read more > >