Standards Convergence in Other Fields

As part of my reading assignment for the AAA Doctoral Consortium (on New Media, Research and Standard Setting), I have asked Consortium students to write a blog piece or two.  Welcome to, Willy Choi, and thanks for a strong first contribution!  –Rob B. After reading a recent literature review on accounting standard convergence by [...] Read more > >

Christian Leuz Talks about International Convergence: What can We Realistically Expect?

This week in Research Office Hours, Christian Leuz (Chicago) presented a paper that he wrote with Luzi Hail (Penn) and Peter Wysocki (MIT), entitled “Global Accounting Convergence and the Potential Adoption of IFRS by the United States: An Analysis of Economic and Policy Factors.” The paper is a comprehensive review of the literature on international [...] Read more > >

Some Additional Hurdles to Convergence?

On the heels of this week’s excellent presentation by Christian Leuz and related discussion about the factors related to potential IFRS adoption in the U.S., I was reminded of a very interesting and related article written by George T. Tsakumis, David R. Campbell, Sr., and Timothy S. Doupnik that appeared in the Journal of Accountancy [...] Read more > >

Office Hours: Christian Leuz on International Convergence

Office hours tomorrow (4pm ET April 7), University of Chicago Prof. Christian Leuz will be leading a discussion on international convergence.  Christian is in an excellent position to do this:  as I mentioned in this posting on research by Ramanna and Sletten, Christian is one of the authors of a literature review on international convergence–the [...] Read more > >

Dim Outlook for International Convergence?

The FASB wrote a comment letter to the SEC on the roadmap to  international convergence, accompanied by a tour-de-force literature review by Luzi Hail, Christian Leuz and Peter Wysocki. The upshot of the research is that the US is unlikely to to see strong benefits to a formal convergence process, in part because our accounting [...] Read more > >