Brainstorming Session on Fair Value Research

In our next session of office hours (Tue, June 16th, 4pm ET), we will have our second brainstorming session. For those of you who couldn’t make the first brainstorming session, Bob Lipe led us in a discussion of research ideas related to leasing.  As in any good brainstorming session, Read more > >

Cultural Differences and their Influence on Comparability

One of the goals of international convergence is harmonization of accounting standards and increased comparability in financial reporting. However, even with convergence financial reporting differences will remain across countries. Some differences will stem from fairly obvious and observable sources, like countries’ various legal environments. Other sources of financial reporting differences, like cultural influences, are likely [...] Read more > >

Thoughts on revenue recognition

In reading the FASB’s Discussion Paper on Revenue Recognition with Contracts with Customers, what immediately stands out is the intended breadth of the proposed model.  The Discussion Paper states that the model would apply to “all contracts with customers”, with contract being very broadly defined, although still consistent with IASB and commonly used US legal [...] Read more > >

Office Hours: Who’s Afraid of Performance Reporting?

Kathy Petroni (Michigan State) will be joining us June 10th, 11am ET, to talk about her paper “Comprehensive Income:  Who’s Afraid of Performance Reporting?”. The paper, co-authored with Linda Bamber, John Jiang and Isabel Wang, now forthcoming in The Accounting Review, touches on some timely and controversial topics. Read more > >

FASB Standards on Environmental Economic Instruments – A Golden (and Green) Opportunity for Accounting Researchers

Another student guest blogger.  See the comment thread for my own remark on this topic, which promises to be very interesting over the coming year.  –RJB One of FASB’s current projects involves providing guidance to accounting issues such as accounting for Emissions Trading Schemes.  This project is important because many environmental and ecological accounting concepts [...] Read more > >

Brainstorming On Contingent Rentals

We had a very interesting session yesterday to brainstorm ideas on leasing.  Thanks to another doctoral student for summarizing key parts of the discussion.  –RJB Despite the loss of power of our campus 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the office hour and the rush to set up everything on our backup battery, I, [...] Read more > >

Standards for Nonfinancial Performance Measures?

Another Doctoral Consortium post–this one from a managerial accountant!  Whose to say we can’t all learn from one another….RJB. Nonfinancial performance measures (NFPM) are parameters used to evaluate nonfinancial performance aspects of an organization.  Frequently the MD &A or company web pages that disclose information include Key Performance Indicators (KPI) or Non-Financial Performance Measures.  Researchers [...] Read more > >

Brainstorming Research Ideas Related to Leasing

This week, office hours (Tue, June 2nd, 4pm ET) will consist of something a bit different.  In particular, I want to see if we can have an interactive session involving bouncing research ideas off of each other.  This is one of the types of sessions that we discussed during May 19th office hours. How can [...] Read more > >

Competition: Not Enough for Convergence

In a recent article by Özgür Gürek, Bernd Irlenbusch, and Bettina Rockenbach entitled “The Competitive Advantage of Sanctioning Institutions” (published in Science in 2006), the authors study human institution-choice behavior and cooperative behavior in a setting where there is permanent competition between a sanctioning institution and a sanction-free institution.  In the sanctioning institution, subjects may [...] Read more > >

Standards Convergence in Other Fields

As part of my reading assignment for the AAA Doctoral Consortium (on New Media, Research and Standard Setting), I have asked Consortium students to write a blog piece or two.  Welcome to, Willy Choi, and thanks for a strong first contribution!  –Rob B. After reading a recent literature review on accounting standard convergence by [...] Read more > >