FASRI is always looking for people to provide content. Consider any of the following:

  1. Send an email pointing out a topic we should write about on the blog or discuss at a Round Table Discussion.
  2. Comment on posts. If you know of research relevant to something we have posted, please chime in–let us know what you know. Comments are an essential way that the FASRI blog will build up an archive that can serve as an up-to-date resource for faculty and doctoral students. It’s also a way that you can influence other researchers and standard setters.
  3. Write your own post You can look at the “Why a Blog?” page to get some ideas for topics. Email an editor with your proposed posting and we will set you up with an author account so you can post it, or just post it ourselves, recognizing you as author.
  4. Volunteer to present at a Round Table Discussion. This is a low-cost high-impact way to get feedback on early research, or let others know the progress you have made on standard-setting issues.

You may be wondering : Why should I spend my precious time to write a mere blog piece? Well, the answer is the same as the answer to the question “why should I travel across the country to give a workshop at another school, and talk about my work?” Because doing so is an effective form of self-promotion, as well as being a service to the larger research community. This is what academics are paid to do.